Author: Ashley

Plan the Perfect Memphis Bachelorette Party

Raise a little hell before the wedding bells with a bachelorette party Memphis can be proud of. Is your apartment covered in pink glitter and feather boas? Do you commonly find yourself designing clever t-shirts with “Mer-maid of Honor” or “Bride Or Die” written in sparkly cursive across the chest? Perhaps your Amazon Prime account […]

Team building Ideas: Plan A Corporate Party With Sprock n’ Roll

A corporate party doesn’t have to mean brownies in the break room Do you know what happens to be the main cause of increased employee job satisfaction across the board? Plot twist – it isn’t monetary incentives. It’s the corporate activities!  The way to keep a happy and productive company is by: Adding meaning to […]

Sprock Spotlight: Progressive Dinner Tours

Our first Progressive Dinner Tour was a success!  Both bikes were rented in Midtown, Memphis and each seat had a body.  A fun and hard working group visited Memphis for a Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) conference and chose Sprock n’ Roll Party Bikes as their method of transporation, entertainment, and food options.  With a pony keg on board […]