Author: Ashley

Sprock n’ Roll Adult Birthday Parties!

Sprock n’ Roll Adult Birthday Parties! Finding it hard to decide how to celebrate your new year being you? Choose to spend your special day on our party bike(s). With seats for up to 16 people, take a ride with your closest friends and fam around downtown Memphis.  Enjoy food, drinks, sounds, and the Downtown [...]

Sprock n’ Roll Bachelorette Parties

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, but getting hitched doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. Whereas the guys have their famed stag nights, women can have just as much fun, well, frankly MORE fun with a Sprock n' Roll party bike ride around Downtown, Memphis. Sprock n' Roll bikes are motor assisted 16 seater [...]

Memphis-Inspired Holiday Outings!

Memphis is humming with holiday cheer throughout December! The city is jam-packed with events that promise family fun and unforgettable time with friends. Check out these holiday outings taking place in Memphis this winter! Memphis Zoo Lights The mesmerizing Memphis Zoo light displays promise a magical evening out with family, friends, or someone special. During [...]

We Are Hiring!

↑ This is Mac, she rocks! Hop, skip, dance, run, &/or pedal your way over to Sprock n’ Roll! We are now hiring and need you to be apart of our awesome team.  Your hourly wage will start out at $13.50/hour, but the majority of your income will come from our awesome customers who LOVE to [...]

Plan the Perfect Memphis Bachelorette Party

Raise a little hell before the wedding bells with a bachelorette party Memphis can be proud of. Is your apartment covered in pink glitter and feather boas? Do you commonly find yourself designing clever t-shirts with “Mer-maid of Honor” or “Bride Or Die” written in sparkly cursive across the chest? Perhaps your Amazon Prime account [...]

Team building Ideas: Plan A Corporate Party With Sprock n’ Roll

A corporate party doesn’t have to mean brownies in the break room Do you know what happens to be the main cause of increased employee job satisfaction across the board? Plot twist – it isn’t monetary incentives. It’s the corporate activities!  The way to keep a happy and productive company is by: Adding meaning to […]