Why choose Sprock n’ Roll Party Bikes to celebrate in Memphis? We are glad you asked.

  • We have the funnest guides!  Your guide’s personality can make or break your trip.  We only hire THE BEST!
  • We offer the longest party bike ride in Memphis.  Our route is two FULL hours of partying fun.
  • We take payment in advance.  Don’t waste 30+ minutes of your party waiting for everyone to pay?  What a buzz kill!
  • When you book a private party, you get a PRIVATE party.  We won’t throw random people on your private tour.
  • Our routes take you through the most scenic nightlife in Downtown, Memphis.
  • You decide where we stop!  This is your party bike ride, so you are the captain.  We also make suggestions if they are welcome.
  • We offer tours that can get you discounted ticket prices with the Memphis Grizzlies.
  • We have seven bikes to accommodate your large party of up to 112 peeps.
  • Decorate our bike to your liking with street appropriate decorations to set the tone for your killer party.
  • Don’t have the minimum of 5 to ride privately?  Check our schedule for the Mix n’ Mingle tours & pair up with other smaller groups.
  • You want to add some food to your party bike ride?  Check out our Brunch Tour.

Sprock n roll is the best party bike in Memphis, hands down. Better drivers, better routes, and a longer tour time all make it the number one choice for party bikes. I have been on 3 sprock n roll tours so far this year and each one has been so much fun! We are already planning our next tour for my birthday.

Ashley S.