If you live in Memphis, TN, or if you plan to visit this area of the Mid-South, then you may wonder what activities you can enjoy as you practice social distancing. You can keep yourself safe and also get some fresh air while you’re in the area. We are excited to share our recommendations for a visit to Memphis during a global pandemic.

Sprock N’ Roll

Our Sprock N’ Roll party bikes allows you to enjoy an outdoor adventure with your friends and family. Book our bike(s) so that your group can pedal, party, sing, and ultimately explore the sights and scenery Downtown Memphis has to offer. You can even plan out your path ahead of time, which means that you can visit your favorite areas in Downtown and experience something new.

This activity is a perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and/or friends who are not exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 and have not come in contact with anyone with COVID 19 in the last 2 weeks. Under the direction of the Shelby County Health Department, we have enlisted safety precautions so that you can enjoy an afternoon on the town with some peace of mind. Book now to enjoy the sights and sounds of Memphis with some drinks and your loved ones.  This experience is private, therefore you will not have anyone on your bike outside of your party.

Visit the Parks

Memphis has plenty of parks that you can visit for that much needed outdoor time. This includes Shelby Farms Park, Overton Park, Shelby Forest State Park, and others where you can enjoy some games outside, soak up some sun, or even have a picnic.  Remember, the City asks that you please wear masks when you are out in public.

Keep in mind that you will need to continue to practice social distancing when you go to these parks. Others will likely be visiting as well, so you should follow social distancing guidelines and keep a fair distance (at least 6 ft) away from others. On top of this, you should also look into statements made by the Shelby County Health Department so that you can remain safe while out exploring.

Go to the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is one of the most well-known running waters in the United States. It stretches for thousands of miles, so you need to see when you visit. Activities for the mighty Missip include lounging by the riverside, canoeing in the harbor, learning some of the city’s history, and exploring new recreational areas around the river.

Beale Street is another well-known location that you should visit as you make your way to the Mississippi River. Enjoy a leisurely walk down Beale Street while you explore the various shops and amazing artwork showcased in Downtown Memphis. You can enjoy both man-made sites and the beauty of nature as you go sightseeing.

Visit a Music Museum

Memphis is known for its music, so you could visit a variety of Memphis music museums while you’re in the area. Some of these museums include the Rock N’ Roll Soul Museum, the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, the Blues Hall of Fame, and many others.   Learn about the music that has shaped Memphis and influenced musical culture for generations.

Keep in mind that each museum will have its hours and regulations affected by COVID-19. Contact each location you plan to visit ahead of time to find out what you need to bring and if you can visit the museum.

Memphis offers plenty of fun activities that you can participate in, but you need to keep COVID-19 in mind. Luckily, you can enjoy these about listed activities while you do your part in helping stop the spread of the virus.