How a Party Bike Could Score You Points With Teens


What Is a Party Bike?

A party bike is not your average conveyance. It’s a bike, so there’s some pedaling involved. But a motor helps on hills, and a Sprock n’ Roll driver takes care of the steering. Participants don’t all line up facing the same direction. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re at a table on wheels with everyone gathered around for the festivities. Tours are about two hours long, and the vehicle makes its way past interesting downtown Memphis sites at five mph for an optimal experience. It parks a couple of times so participants can give their feet a break and take goofy pics. The party bike is as safe as riding a regular bike, if not more so, because of the experienced guide. Still, parents must sign a waiver.


Why a Party Bike Is Fun for 14+ Birthday Parties

A party bike tour is a fantastic option for a teens birthday party. The kid of honor can choose to pedal or sit back and relax on the ‘throne’ while their pals power the bike through the city. Teens can wear wigs or themed outfits and costumes, avoiding skirts or long garments that can get tangled in the pedals. Decorate the bus with birthday party posters saying, for example, honk for the birthday boy. Parents can even put quirky signs on the back of the bike with their Venmo details. Strangers can and do contribute to the occasion if they’re in the mood for a random act of kindness. Imagine the cheers if donors honk twice to signal a birthday gift.


What Birthday Activities Can You Do on a Party Bike Tour?

In addition to drinking non-alcoholic beverages and warbling the birthday song, you can haul out cupcakes and bite-sized treats. Take photos, dance and sing along to a playlist, and hold silly contests. The party bike can make stops at teen-friendly attractions, for pizza or ice cream, or at a scenic picnic area where you can set up more games. It all adds up to a super memorable bike birthday party. 


How Do Field Trips Boost Students’ Success in School?

Educational events take students out of the classroom, engage all the senses, and inspire curiosity and confidence. Studies suggest field trips have a positive and enduring impact on pupils. On a Memphis tour, you can see the Fire Museum, the Civil Rights Museum, world renown Beale Street, the Mississippi River, Bass Pro Pyramid, I Am Man Plaza, architecture, and notable landmarks like the Peabody Hotel and Redbirds Stadium. And because participants have to pedal to keep the vehicle moving, there’s a bit of healthy physical ed thrown in for good measure. Sprock n’ Roll offers seven bikes, each accommodating sixteen people. This makes a Memphis school field trip with over 100 high school students possible. There are six pedal-free seats, including a three-seater bench, so students and teachers with mobility or height issues won’t miss out on the fun.


Some Facts About Downtown Memphis

Memphis is one of the most exciting cities in the South, with history, culture, and music coursing through its streets. It has multiple claims to fame, from being home to Elvis’s Graceland and having a prolific output of Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees to being a popular filming location. Tennessee’s Beale Street is right up there with Bourbon Street in New Orleans as a well-known entertainment area. The Blues clubs are particular crowd magnets. Memphis is also where James Earl Ray assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.