Bike Tours as Church Events


Are you looking for a creative option for your next church event? Then consider one of the non-alcoholic bike tours that have become popular with church groups these days. These tours provide a unique experience and a fun destination for field trips, family group trips and church events like yours.


What Is a Party Bike?

A party bike may be the perfect option for your next church event. Party bikes are sixteen-person vehicles that everyone pedals together as an adventure tour operator directs the group on one of the fun bicycle tours. You can sign up for scenic trips, daily cycling tours around the city, or even custom tours. You may enjoy yourself so much that some of your participants may choose to schedule private family tours later on. This is one bike trip no one will forget.


Tips for Church Event Planning

Whatever your next church event is, you should plan it well to make sure that everyone has a great time. Always start by creating an event goal and an event budget. You should know what you want the event to accomplish. This may be raising funds, reaching out to the community or building fellowship. You should also know exactly how much you can spend.

When you plan a trip, party or another event, delegate part of the responsibility to others. Most of the time, you will need help, and you’ll also build a sense of community and teamwork by allowing others to take ownership of the event. Just be sure to remain organized, and keep lists of necessary tasks and those assigned to accomplish them.


The Importance of Teamwork in Church

Remember that when you’re putting together a party bike tour or any other event, teamwork is key, especially in a church setting. The old saying that “two heads are better than one” holds even more true when many heads are working on the same project.

Everyone on your team will be able to contribute their own talents and wisdom to the project. Each person has different gifts and viewpoints, and you may be surprised at the wonderful ideas that can come from collaboration. At the same time, the workload for an event is lighter for everyone when many hands pitch in. So, whether you’re pedaling a party bike together or planning a project, stick with your team.  Everyone pedaling together moves the bike forward and accomplishes the goal of forward momentum and progress.  Similarly, church staff and members want the same for members and/or the community at large.