Sprock n’ Roll Party Bikes are the perfect float for your next parade! Memphis is home to many parades, including St. Paddy’s Day parades, Pride parades and many more. Call us at 901-500-7101 ext. 700 to book our bike(s) to use as your float at the next parade.

You will be charged the going rate of $180/hour with a two-hour minimum and will be responsible for any entry fees. You may bring approved trinkets and beads you would like to toss to the crowd.

Downtown Route

Book Sprock n’ Roll’s pedal taverns to experience the best party bike tours in Memphis. Pedal your way from Beale to Main and soak in the sites and sounds of Downtown Memphis in a whole new way. Whether you want to have a Kamikaze or Shot of Fireball at BarDog or have a taste of Moonshine [...]

Midtown Route

Hop on one of the best party bike tours in Memphis! Begin and end this 2-hour tour at Railgarten. Pedal our pub crawl beer bikes through Overton Square and Cooper Young in Midtown Memphis and bounce in a few bars along the way. Check out why the locals LOVE Midtown. Pop in Slider Inn, Local [...]